Our Mission

  • To Further the interest of individuals, partnerships and corporations in the saw works business by improving the prestige of the industry and by working for the betterment of educational and other measures fulfilling the purpose of this corporation.
  • To hold meetings exchange ideas, issue informative bulletins and to assimilate such further information on the industry as many further the object of this corporation.
  • To foster a spirit of goodwill among persons engaged in the industry.
  • To promote ethical practices in their relationships with each other and the general public.
  • To conduct studies and engage in research in connection with the industry.
  • To cooperate and exchange data and ideas with other trade associations.
  • To exchange in any lawful activities which will enhance the economic conditions of the industry.

ISKA Association 2022 Cruise Information

Members Only and family, You are invited to join a cruise ship networking event Feb. 2022: the ISKA WINTER MEETING. All aboard! Click link below


Information flyer for the 2022 Annual Meeting and Cruise linked below: Deadline- Prior to Labor Day please